Sebastian Borrazas

I'm a full stack engineer from Montevideo. Love functional programming, the web and Erlang.

Add, add, add!

Most times, when I get asked to add a certain feature, I try to put myself into the users perspective. I ask myself questions like, does he really need this?, or what are the benefits?

In many cases, the answer is just this is just noise for the user. Quite often, whoever is in charge of detecting requirements and improvements, are just thinking about what they can add. Removing features never goes through their mind.

Wouldn't it be better if the user had only one button? Wouldn't it be better if there were only three items in the main menu? And how about removing all of these shit pages noone ever uses?

I've never had the courage to actually ask all of these things but I found quite sad that there's never a request to remove features, instead there's lots of request to add crappy ones.

So PLEASE, keep your app simple and start removing features.