Sebastian Borrazas

I'm a full stack engineer from Montevideo. Love functional programming, the web and Erlang.


Lately I've been involved in creating different stylguides for building web applications. These include an HTML Styleguide, a CSS Styleguide, a JavaScript Styleguide and a Ruby Styleguide.

The reason for making these, is that whenever I start a new project with a new team of people, we usually have a few different ways of writing code. And we usually end up having a few conflicts with it. When, in the end, we all just want to have consistency in terms of how we write code, regardless of what we want the standard to be.

These stylguides were built taking the standards from each community and putting them all together. I tried to make them exhaustive so as not to leave any detail unspecified. I've also included a few samples in some of them. If you want to contribute or discuss any of these, please don't hesistate to do so!